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We love our design showroom, and we’re so confident that you’ll love it too that we invite all our guests to visit it. You’ll see a variety of styles and décor options that work for your property and get new ideas for your next project. With unbeatable prices and a dazzling array of concepts, you’re sure to find a design that complements your space and home.

How you can benefit from visiting our showroom

When you visit our showroom, you’ll experience firsthand how the concepts you see on your computer or in magazines come to life. If you are wondering how a particular style or color looks in person, you can see them all in one place. You can come to the showroom without a set idea in mind since you’ll see dozens of different approaches to the room you want to change.

Visiting our showroom allows you to see how a new space can look and the quality of our work. From bathrooms to kitchens and the furniture and appliances, you can browse the many options available and choose the design that catches your eye.

Even if you have a kitchen or bathroom with a unique size or layout, our showroom options allow you to see how your remodeling project can look. With so many options available, we are confident you’ll find the perfect bathroom or kitchen or get inspired to tweak and add new elements to an existing space.

Complimentary Estimate

During your visit, and if you have the concepts and measurements ready, we provide you with a free estimate on the spot. When you know how much your project will cost, you can take the necessary steps to make your remodeling vision a reality.

What will you find in our showroom?

Our showroom contains different concept ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, and other similar areas in your home. You’ll see how certain features fit with the concept or layout of the room, and you can substitute many elements with your preferences.

We have designated spaces for small, medium, and large kitchens. You’re sure to find an example in our showroom close to the layout you have in your home.

In some instances, you may want to see how a particular concept looks, but it may not be available in the showroom. If this is the case, we have computerized options that provide a 3D view of your new project.

Virtual Showroom Tour Available

The current pandemic may be changing the way business is conducted, but we still have options! At Bath & Kitchen Factory, we offer a virtual showroom tour you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, giving you the feeling of physically walking around our premises. You can visit our virtual showroom by clicking here.

Schedule a visit to our design showroom today, and let us show you how your new bathroom or kitchen remodeling project can look like when you work with us!

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