Client Testimonials

Read what clients have to say about the work of our kitchen and bath remodeling contractors:

Dear Oscar, Aldo, Sofia and the rest of the GMG Services team:

We want to thank all of you for giving us a beautiful new bathroom and for making the entire process so enjoyable. From Oscar’s wonderful ideas on the first day to the diligence of following up on details on the last of the project we could not have asked for more In particular, we appreciate that everyone who came into our home was so cheerful polite and respectful of us and our home. This was the third renovation project weve done on our house and by far this was me smoothest While the crew put in some long days at the end of each day the space was left clean and everyone was extremely respectful. Thank you again for all of your hard work, it is great appreciated by us.

John M.
Annandale, Virginia

Good morning,

I wanted to 1st let you know my mom was blown away by the work you guys did in the bathroom and bedroom, she loved everything, and also was delighted with the baby’s closet. Today she’s spending part of her day while we’re at work organizing baby clothes in there, and she couldn’t be happier about it. We also love how our new room looks and are so excited. (I’m still trying to get used to the wardrobe/wall thing-will keep you updated.)

Thanks again so much,
Cris K.
Fairfax, Virginia

Dear Barbara and Bob –

I have to tell you (albeit a bit late) how much I love our kitchen. No one believes when I tell them, and I tell a lot of people, that our kitchen was done in the time promised, to the quality promised, and exactly on budget. You suggestions turned our tiny, weirdly shaped kitchen into a usable space that actually wants to make us cook. Your contractor started when they said they would, finished when they said they would, cleaned up everyday, and did high quality work. The one little hiccup was taken care of quickly and without any drama whatsoever. Barbara, I give you full credit when people comment on my cool fixtures and granite. Thank you again for all of your work. The place hardly looks like the crack house it was!

Andrea F.
Capitol Hill Washington, DC

Bob Kay
Kitchen & Bath Factory
4624 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207

Dear Bob,

Let me start out by saying, we love our new kitchen! We couldn’t be happier with the design, the look and the functionality of the overall space and the cabinets. We also want to express our sincere thanks to you and your team for a job so well done. As most people do, we approached our kitchen re-modeling job with a certain amount of trepidation. We’d heard countless stories from friends who had gone through kitchen remodeling disasters with absentee contractors, overcharges on contracts, and shoddy workmanship.

We knew we were in the right place on the first day we arrived in your showroom for an appointment and you walked us through your process. You took the time to come to our house for a site survey from which you designed a plan that gave us so much more functional space than we had before. And we were completely sold when you showed us your scheduling system. Our friends and neighbors find it hard to believe that our kitchen was re-modeled within the exact time frame you had outlined.

I’d also like to express our gratitude to your team. Barbara and Chris were a pleasure to work with and always responsive to any questions we had. We were also especially impressed with the contractor you recommended. I would not hesitate to use them again and certainly hope to refer them to others. Their workmanship and dedication to the project were above and beyond our expectations.

In a day where it seems the phrase “customer service” is an oxymoron, it is a distinct pleasure to work with a company like yours. As small business owners ourselves, we can certainly relate to the pride you obviously take in making your customers happy. Count us as two more very satisfied clients.

Please feel free to use us as a reference. I hope to send you some e-photos this week of the before and after. Please feel free to use them for marketing purposes.

Most sincerely,
Jennifer C. & Bruce S.
Arlington, Virginia

Mr. Bob Kay
Kitchen and Bath Factory
4624 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22207

Dear Bob:

Now that we are comfortably settled into our new kitchen, we wanted to write a note to express our thanks for your help in redesigning it.

Your design idea worked better than we could have imagined. Without changing the footprint of the room, it now looks much more spacious and modern, thanks to your design recommendations. You were very patient with us as we asked many, many questions and considered the possibilities and alternatives. Your vendor recommendations were also very helpful, and all products and services were delivered on time and as requested.

Please send our appreciation to your cabinet maker for doing a beautiful job on the cabinets. They look absolutely stunning and are the envy of all who see them. A special thank you to you and your staff for taking the initiative to find creative workaround solutions to the two small issues we had with our cabinets. We liked the fact that you came back to us very quickly after being alerted of the issues and told us – without our asking – that you would make good on the issues and fix the problems. You did exactly that, and the cabinets work beautifully now.

Our kitchen has received wonderful reviews from our friends, in large part due to your products and ideas. We have already recommended you to several of our friends who are thinking about remodeling and are happy to serve as a reference for you. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Karen & Jens F.
Arlington, Virginia

Bob Kay Kitchen & Bath Factory
4624 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22031

Dear Bob:

We wanted to provide a letter of recommendation for th outstanding job Kitchen & Bath Factory did on the planning, design and overall management of our new kitchen project this year. We were impressed from the start when Chris used your computer estimator to give us an idea of what the renovation might cost, and his help when we called with questions.

We were also very appreciative of the understanding by everyone at K&B when our cat became ill and your willingness and ability to hold up on our project. When we were ready to resume, you fit us in the schedule very quickly with K-Quality Services and were absolutely right about us liking them and the great work they do.

The thing we like most about our new kitchen resulted from small changes you recommended in the space and layout that really opened up the room. It’s very impressive that the project finished absolutely on schedule and on budget – Chris’ original cost ranges were right on target. We also valued Barbara’s patience as we tried to decide on colors, styles, hardware and counters, and her handling of contact details, hardware ordering, and questions we had during the project.

We think the resources you’ve chosen for cabinets, appliances and granite are great. Everyone was easy to work with and responsive. You have developed an excellent process for kitchen renovatio, put together a great staff, and we’re very glad we chose K&B.

We hope to see you again soon for bath renovations we’re considering! We’ve ended up with a new kitchen that is really wonderful and are very willing to provide references and referrals in addition to those we’ve already made and to have people stop in to see. Thanks very much for planning, designing and managing a great project.

John & Susan R.

Dear Bob,

We made it! My beautiful new cabinets were installed in time for Fayrene’s 70th Birthday!

In April, when I first visited the Kitchen and Bath Factory showroom and asked that you help me with the overwhelming task of completely renovating our 50-year old kitchen, my request came with a major caveat – time. Our new kitchen was a gift from my mother (Fayrene) who was recently diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Her prognosis was not good, and in th midst of the grief and the pain, she was determined to see a new kitchen in our home. Time was of the essence, and you still took on the task.

The creation of our new kitchen soon became known as “Fayrene’s Kitchen Project“. Thanks to you, your showroom staff and Waldemar Izdebski’s construction crew, our beautiful new cherry cabinets were hanging on the wall in time for my Mother’s 70th birthday (a milestone we were afraid she might not make). I was able to hand deliver photos of the cabinets when I visited her in Kentucky for her birthday celebration.

The entire kitchen is now complete and from the reaction of everyone who sees it, it must be the most beautiful one ever designed! I find myself standing in the new kitchen thinking “Wow, I’m NOT standing in a showroom wishing this was our kitchen, this IS our kitchen.” I think I’ll be spending a lot more time in t kitchen now, and hopefully sharing the experience with my Mom, who is now strong enough for a short visit in the next few weeks.

I have attached the before/after photos. Again, all I can say is “WOW, this beautiful space really is OUR kitchen!” Thanks to you and your staff for a job well done, and “Thanks, Mom.”

The Allisons


Old view from dining room into kitchen


NEW view from dining room into kitchen

Dear Bob:

Thank you so much for all of the great advice and service you provided during our recent kitchen remodel. Your advice on how to make the most of our small kitchen was so creative in comparison to what we recieved from other firms and your price was better too. When we had a problem with the plumbing related to our garbage disposal and had issues getting the contractor to fix it, you and your staff stepped in adn fixed the problem right away at no cost to us.

We couldn’t be happier with our new kitchen and would highly recommend Kitchen and Bath Factory to anyone. We look forward to working with you again on future remodeling projects.

Jennifer D. and David D.

Kitchen & Bath Factory, Incorporated
4624 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207-3413


I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for a job well done. I, like many homeowners trying to save renovation dollars, used Home Center’s design services and ordered my cabinets thruogh Home Center. I now regret that decision. I approached you to provide a cost estimate for countertop surfaces. I did so withthe full intention of going back to Home Center with the less expensive price for a competitive price reduction. I was surprised, however, when you pointed out numerous design flaws in th cabinet layout from Home Center. These flaws included:

  • Several incidents of incorrect cabinet placement that reduced the functionality of appliances and other cabinets.
  • Selecting more expensive, individual, single function cabinets in lieu of cabinets that performed multiple functions at a reduced cost.
  • Unwittingly choosing cabinets that have intrinsic flaws that the manufacturer refuses to replace since the flaws are natural defects in the wood.
  • Selecting appliance cabinets that would not hold the appliances I purchased, which forced the contractors to manually rebuild the cabinets on site.

I approached Home Center about returning the order and they refused. They did, however, agree to amend the order to correct any functional deficiencies. This they would not have done after th cabinets were installed.

I appreciate your advice and assistance in handling the problems with the cabinet order and anxiously await th installation of our granite countertop. I only wish we had approached you about installing the cabinets before we went to Home Center. I feel confident you would have given us a better product. Please feel free to show this letter to your customers. I will be open to calls during working hours.

J. Brent W.

Mr. Robert Kay
Kitchen & Bath Factory, Inc.
4624 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207

Dear Bob,

Thank you thank you, I love my beautiful new kitchen. The space has been completely transformed from a small, cramped Arlington galley kitchen into a stunning space for cooking, storage and entertaining, all in less than 6 weeks. I want to commend and thank you for some special accomplishments. The kitchen was completed on time. You gave me an ambitious schedule before we began and you stuck to the schedule. Every piece was completed when you said it would be done. As I understand it, this is almost unheard of in the world of kitchen remodeling.

The kitchen design is beautiful, balanced and unified. The cabinets are sturdy and sparkling. The cabinet design is very efficient. You carved out and used every inch of space. I have room for food, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, and even trash and recycling. And sunlight streams into the room from the adjoining sunroom.

Barbara was a joy to work with, and she gave me all the design help I knew I would need. She helped me understand my choices, and was fun and extremely patient as I worked through them. Once of the special moments, that still makes me smile, was when I called a couple of days before the granite was to be delivered, and said, “You are going to kill me!” She answered calmly, “We don’t kill people.” And she proceeded to help me make a small addition to the granite. This is one example, but there were others. Barbara is a treasure.

Chris too was unfailingly helpful. I always felt welcomed into your showroom. I had a very positive experience working with Glebe Appliances. Dabney helped me select appliances within my price range, suggested ways to save money, and gave me excellent prices. I was especially impressed when they called and asked if they could deliver the appliances a day early, because there was a threat of snow for the scheduled delivery day. They delivered early rather than risk being late.

And of course, none of this could have been done without K Quality Services, the remodelers and installers. The quality of their work was better than any I have seen in my 25 years of doing remodeling projects.

The job is perfect. They were so nice and kept the job site very clean. It sounds like I am happy. I AM SO HAPPY. I love my new kitchen, and I loved the experience of working with you, your office staff, and the superb contractors you have assembled. Thank you. I consider myself lucky that two friends recommended you to me. I will recommend you without reservation.

Mary Ellen F.